Wednesday, May 23, 2012

7 Reasons Why I Love Norman Reedus

1. His love-the love he gives us fans is the best feeling in the world....I can't wait to meet him in person & witness it then

2. The talent he possess-he can act, model, & has amazing photography along with his own short films he does. He truly inspires me & makes me proud of my own talents

3. Shoulders-I find shoulders to be the sexiest most manliness part of a guy & Norman has the best. Broad & strong & just longing to be caressing me lol

4. Interaction w/ fans-he follows me & has DM on Twitter several well as other fans. The fact that he takes time from his busy schedule to interact w/ us is beyond the sweetest gesture

5. Uniqueness-he is not like any celeb out there....this is a good thing. He doesn't even act like he is famous or makes's like he is just one of us & so down to earth...he is who he is

6.  His bromance w/ Sean Patrick Flanery-these two are like brothers & I love how they treat each's so cute 

7. Those eyes, smirk of a smile, how he talks w/ his hands, soft sexy voice, the list goes on & on....but these are just a handful of reasons why I love Norman

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