Sunday, May 13, 2012

Why I love Norman Reedus

Let me just start off by how talented & handsome this man seriously? It's beyond what I can control lol. There are so many reasons why I love Norman but I will just name a few so I won't take up my whole blog ;) 
1. He is the sweetest celeb to his fans.....following us & DM us on Twitter, RT's gifts & pics from fans, & then makes a blog dedicated to all his gifts from his fans!
2. So talented....not just as an amazing actor but he has his own photography which is awesome & he does directing & makes his own short films.
3. Not like other this I mean that he is not all about himself & thinks he's all that....he is though! BUT.....he acts so down to earth and normal around his fans making them feel comfortable.
4. & one more reason why I love this man so much......because he simply is himself no matter what. Whether he is shy when Sean is making fun of him telling a story, flipping off the camera, sticking his tongue out, looking so handsome, around his fans, he never fails to just be himself & not try to impress anyone.

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